Patent Searching

Patent search is a search of the patent database to determine if there are any patent application similar or identical to an invention that is to be patented. Patent search can be done to improve the chances of obtaining a patent registration or to find information about new inventions that have patent protection. we perform various searches:
Patentability / Novelty Searches
Invalidity / Validity Searches
Freedom to Operate / Clearance Searches
State of the Art Searches
Landscape Studies

Patent Illustrations

Utility drawings often depict the pieces of a device, assemblies, electric circuits, components of a system, or flowchart of a process, depending on what is claimed in the patent.
Design drawings are meant to express the aesthetic appearance of any product which is intended to be protected as Design patent. The drawings must be made in accordance with the Patent Law to satisfy the demands of the nation where the patent is filed, including the India Patent Office, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), EPO, WIPO, CHINA, ARIPO, South Korea, or any other countries.

Sample Illustrations